Untitled (The Sky is Blue)
February 2005

Made entirely out of computer equipment, "Untitled (The Sky is Blue)" was a large, circular structure standing over 6ft tall and around 12ft in diameter. The structure had an entranceway which allowed the viewer to enter inside.
Using around 100 computers and 60 monitors, with almost everything turned on, the sculpture generated a powerful electrical field which permeated the air inside and outside its walls. This was felt the most when inside, as it combined with the bright electric-blue light of the monitors to create a very different, usual space and experience that verges on the spiritual. Viewers were free to stay and sit inside the space, as many did for quite long periods of time.

Click on a thumbnail below to see a large version of the photograph.

Thanks to The Glasgow School of Art for donating the computers used to create this piece.

Text: Sandy Smith, 2005