Green / Blue Horizontal
June 2005

Constructed as my final submission for The Glasgow School of Art degree show, "Green / Blue Horizontal" is the largest structure I have made to date, using everything I'd collected over the previous 8 months.

Standing at 3 metres tall, the wall curved round the far corner of the room, creating a seperate space approximately 3 by 3 metres. This space was accessable through a gap in the wall, covered by an arch of monitors. Every (about 60) monitor in the wall was turned on, each displaying a single flat colour. The monitors on the bottom half of the wall showed various hues of green, and the top half showed blue, creating a rough horizon line stretching round the wall.


Click on a thumbnail below to see a large version of the photograph.

Thanks to The Glasgow School of Art for donating the computers used to create this piece.


Text: Sandy Smith, 2005


Source imagery - 'bliss' desktop image by Microsoft.

VIDEO: Right click this image and select 'save to disk' to see a time-lapse video of the work being removed.
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